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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I See the times to come

For those who want to hind their heads in the sand about the need for more power plants I give you this news from the great State of California

From the International Herald Tribune:
"Next year in California, state regulators are likely to have the emergency power to control individual thermostats, sending temperatures up or down through a radio-controlled device that will be required in new or substantially modified houses and buildings to manage electricity shortages.
The proposed rules are contained in a document circulated by the California Energy Commission, which for more than three decades has set state energy efficiency standards for home appliances, like water heaters, air conditioners and refrigerators.
The changes would allow utilities to adjust customers' preset temperatures when the price of electricity is soaring. Customers could override the utilities' suggested temperatures. But in emergencies, the utilities could override customers' wishes.
Final approval is expected next month."
The full story can be found here:

Do not think that this will not happen or that the energy faeries are going to come up with magic ways to power your business and home.

As much as we may not like (I do) Coal power plants there is a need for them. and if we do not start NOW to act it will be too late.
As the D. K'.s used to sing "California Uber Allis!"

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