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Please check the page out and visit the links. I love Nuke and Wind Power. Still think we should drill here and drill now!
A wide mix here from Green power to why we need to end the Embargo on Cuba.
I see myself as being GREEN but far from an Al Gore Green Nazi.
Hope this page provokes thought if nothing else

Monday, December 31, 2007

Growing power

Came across this site doing research
Are they rocking or what? What a great way to help empower folks to help themselves.
Also with Urban Farming we learn how to grow our own foods bring control of that into our hands.
Some of us might have the chance to grow a surplus to sell at a farmers market. Groups like this are a great way to learn.
Please check out the site and visit.

New Year

I will be posting more in the new year. Xmas was a time for me to spend with my wife.
Was also a good chance to reflect on what more I can do to reduse reuse and recycle.
Some of my freinds think I have turned into a left wing nut job. Far from it. As I have said before we need to do more to reduse the amount of engery we inport from oversea's, as well as do more to produce more of our own be it Bio- Coal-Nuke-Solar-Wind and drill for more oil here.
Why toss cans, plastic, or glass away to fill dumps if we can recycle it? (Myself I would forbid the sale of recycle metal/plasic to the PRC) so much cheeper to reuse or recycle then put in landfills.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cuba can and the US can not part II

Santa Clara - (Prensa Latina) - Scientists from the Central University of Las Villas are making fuel from waste of the sugar industry, in a process that does not affect production of food for human consumption. The study, currently in its lab trial phase, envisages obtaining biodiesel from a waxy waste eliminated in the process of clarification of sugarcane juice, Cuban National News Agency (AIN) reported. Director of Las Villas University Analysis and Processes Center, Gretell Villanueva, said the process differs from the normal worldwide manner of producing biofuels from vegetable oils obtained from grains, including corn and soy, which are earmarked for the human diet.
(Cuba Weekly)

I will be contacting the US Department of Energy to be sure that this county is not working on the same idea.
As Much as I belive Cuba needs to remove Castro, I have to say they are doing some interesting research in energy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Link

There is just so much great information out there! Please check this site out when you have a chance: I will add it to the list of links.
If you know of a page I should see please let me know.


Merry Xmas!

To each of you have a great Xmas.


Monday, December 24, 2007

From Winstats

UK: A massive expansion of offshore wind farms could generate enough electricity to power every home in Britain, a report says. Officials in London and Edinburgh are discussing Whitehall's Strategic Environmental Assessment, which could boost wind energy 30-times by 2020, Scotland's The Herald reported Monday.

That is a good start.

Green Investments

Check this site out to find investment opportunities in being green.
As more of us think and act Green these should do very well.
Myself I think that Wind Power is going to take off in this State.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Think living next to the We Engery plant is going to kill you? Well no not going to happen read this for the other side.

Understanding the facts is the first step.


Recycling Racine

I was at my local Watch meeting and Mary M. talked about a program where if a homeowner recycled more then "X" that home would recive a gift card from say Best Buy or Starbucks.
The City would gain by getting more folks to recycle (more cash) we would save space in the landfill.
The company providing the gift cards gains by the advertising and up selling when the carfds are used.
A win win for all of us.


Can we find some help with the gardening information for the Greeen Racine Blog?
Might be winter now but Spring is coming!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Show Listings

Starting in Late Jan of 08, Green Racine will be bringing the following programs to you

1) Pete Karas Green Party
2) We Engeries Oak Creak Coal Plant
3) Racine Eco-Justice Center
4) Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center
5) Walden High School Green Program

Stay tuned to other events to include the Green Racine Radio Show and My Space page!



Look for some exciting updates to include the list of shows for the upcoming few weeks of 2008!
We will not only be on CAR 25 (Racine WI Public Access) but we will be having our own Video channel.
More news soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Basic Rant

Why I am Green
There are many reasons why I declare myself Green, but first let me outline to you what I believe Green means to me, there would be to:
Reduce the amount of gas I use
Reduce the amount of Engery I use
Recycle as much as possible
Grow as much of my own food I can
Buy Organic
Never buy from the People’s Republic of China

Simple. We have brave servicemen overseas fighting and being killed. Thank God they are there; we by bringing freedom to Iraq will be doing more to fight the new Fascism then anything else we can do. I believe in the mission, I believe in our president, if you do not fine this is a free county, so is Iraq now.
I also think that if Iraq had no oil this country would not care. Any party any President this country would not care.
As for the PRC they are the largest polluters in the known world. They are turning there Lakes and Rivers into garbage pits wiping out whole Eco-systems because they can.
The PRC’s damming rivers without thought of what that will do in the long term is just a horror. Mind you the People’s Republic of China still wants America to do the Kyoto tredey requirements (so our economy is hurt) but they will go skipping along…
Beside the point. However I feel that we need to do as much as possible to reduce the amount of oil we import to this country. Drill all we want here off the coasts, in the Arctic Yellowstone could care. We have safe ways to drill for and recover oil.
Use the vast amounts of Coal we have in the country. Boys and Girls the Nazi’s and the Government of South Africa both were able to use Coal to beat the lack of Oil.
I am sure that the tecnoagy has gotten only better since the 1990’s.

If I was King
This is what I would do.
Allow Drilling off the Coastlines and Parks
Start building more Nuclear Plants.
Continue the tax incentives on the use of Solar and Wind for Mico Systems.
Increase the tax incentives for Bio-Diesel
Federal control of sighting rules for major wind plants
Incentives for recycling
We will cover this and more, in the Blog Green Racine!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun Games

Brought a nice simulation today: See how a wind plant works

Nuke Plant Save from melt down

A more boning Nuke plant but unlike the above more real

Cuba can but not Wisconsin

From Cuba Weekly News Digest

Havana – DTC - The town of Gibara, in the eastern Cuban province of HolguĂ­n, will benefit from the construction of a eolian park to generate electricity. The park, which will be largest facility of its kind in the country, already has six generators that can produce 5.1 megawatts. Its location on the north coast of the province allows taking advantage of sustained winds to create power generation facilities. The towers that hold the windmills are 55 meters tall and will save the country nearly 240 kilograms of fuel per mw/hour. The program also includes the construction and assembly of a second eolian park, equipped with Chinese-made technology to generate 4.5 megawatts. The Gibara Eolian Park will save the country one ton of oil a day and will contribute nearly 10 megawatts to the National Electrical System in 2008.

So Cuba can get it's act together to produce more power via wind. And the State of Wisconsin can not get going? Yes Cuba being a dictatorship things like court fights do not happen. However come on Wisconsin can produce more power via wind that it has been. We need to get going on this.

In fact I call for a State effort not only to site and built wind power plants but to seek Busness and investers to manufacure the equitment here.
In Racine we have lots of small machine shops looking for work a few dollers invested in this program could bring good jobs to this State in the building of the equitment as well help Wisconsin lead the way in creating Wind Plants.

Green Walden

Walden High School in Racine WI, has a group of kids who are doing more to create a more "green" school from Solar power to cleaning up the area around Walden (This is a inner-city area). These kids are doing more with less. All to better the school and the City of Racine.
The Green Racine TV show will be doing a show on them and there efforts.
Green Racine is hoping that we can get them interested in sharing what they have learned to other parts of the City.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not Easy Being Green

As much as I dislike most of the Films on the Sundance Channel, my wife and I both enjoy the BBC production of It is not easy being green.
Please check it out.
Here is a link to the Homestead the show was shot on. Interesting information.
Please see the show (Tuesday Night 8:00 PM CST) and go to the web site.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Green Racine

Wayne here. Most might know me from It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest and my work in getting film production to come to Wisconsin via Film Wisconsin or Racine Broadcasting Co-Op.

Some might know me from postings on the Newspaper blogs around Racine WI. Why you might ask yourself is this right wing "nut case" writing about anything "Green"

Good question, I will explain:

Since when does the left have the stage for bettering the enverment? Some of the best thinkers, movers and shakers in this field have been on the right, great leaders like Teddy Roosevelt, who started the park system we all enjoy.

My thought is that those who are willing to fight for this Earth are those who enjoy her bounty.

Hunters (in this state) pay via Hunting Licences and higher taxes on Ammunition pay every dime needed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to manage the wildlife populations.

The left I see is great about doom and gloom but will not put their cash up, (many of them would like us to be taxed more) but I digress.

All of us need to do much more to save energy and compel the Federal government to do more to bring about the use of alternative energy.
This is so true.
As long as one American serviceman is in harms way as we import millions of barrols of oil we are in the wrong.

In this Blog I will be talking about alternative energy as well as what you and I need to do to reduse the amount we use.
Another topic will be recycling and reuse of products to save this country from the Oil Barons and those who would bankrup us recyling in critical.

Thank You