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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year

I will be posting more in the new year. Xmas was a time for me to spend with my wife.
Was also a good chance to reflect on what more I can do to reduse reuse and recycle.
Some of my freinds think I have turned into a left wing nut job. Far from it. As I have said before we need to do more to reduse the amount of engery we inport from oversea's, as well as do more to produce more of our own be it Bio- Coal-Nuke-Solar-Wind and drill for more oil here.
Why toss cans, plastic, or glass away to fill dumps if we can recycle it? (Myself I would forbid the sale of recycle metal/plasic to the PRC) so much cheeper to reuse or recycle then put in landfills.

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