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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Basic Rant

Why I am Green
There are many reasons why I declare myself Green, but first let me outline to you what I believe Green means to me, there would be to:
Reduce the amount of gas I use
Reduce the amount of Engery I use
Recycle as much as possible
Grow as much of my own food I can
Buy Organic
Never buy from the People’s Republic of China

Simple. We have brave servicemen overseas fighting and being killed. Thank God they are there; we by bringing freedom to Iraq will be doing more to fight the new Fascism then anything else we can do. I believe in the mission, I believe in our president, if you do not fine this is a free county, so is Iraq now.
I also think that if Iraq had no oil this country would not care. Any party any President this country would not care.
As for the PRC they are the largest polluters in the known world. They are turning there Lakes and Rivers into garbage pits wiping out whole Eco-systems because they can.
The PRC’s damming rivers without thought of what that will do in the long term is just a horror. Mind you the People’s Republic of China still wants America to do the Kyoto tredey requirements (so our economy is hurt) but they will go skipping along…
Beside the point. However I feel that we need to do as much as possible to reduce the amount of oil we import to this country. Drill all we want here off the coasts, in the Arctic Yellowstone could care. We have safe ways to drill for and recover oil.
Use the vast amounts of Coal we have in the country. Boys and Girls the Nazi’s and the Government of South Africa both were able to use Coal to beat the lack of Oil.
I am sure that the tecnoagy has gotten only better since the 1990’s.

If I was King
This is what I would do.
Allow Drilling off the Coastlines and Parks
Start building more Nuclear Plants.
Continue the tax incentives on the use of Solar and Wind for Mico Systems.
Increase the tax incentives for Bio-Diesel
Federal control of sighting rules for major wind plants
Incentives for recycling
We will cover this and more, in the Blog Green Racine!

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