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Monday, December 17, 2007

Cuba can but not Wisconsin

From Cuba Weekly News Digest

Havana – DTC - The town of Gibara, in the eastern Cuban province of Holguín, will benefit from the construction of a eolian park to generate electricity. The park, which will be largest facility of its kind in the country, already has six generators that can produce 5.1 megawatts. Its location on the north coast of the province allows taking advantage of sustained winds to create power generation facilities. The towers that hold the windmills are 55 meters tall and will save the country nearly 240 kilograms of fuel per mw/hour. The program also includes the construction and assembly of a second eolian park, equipped with Chinese-made technology to generate 4.5 megawatts. The Gibara Eolian Park will save the country one ton of oil a day and will contribute nearly 10 megawatts to the National Electrical System in 2008.

So Cuba can get it's act together to produce more power via wind. And the State of Wisconsin can not get going? Yes Cuba being a dictatorship things like court fights do not happen. However come on Wisconsin can produce more power via wind that it has been. We need to get going on this.

In fact I call for a State effort not only to site and built wind power plants but to seek Busness and investers to manufacure the equitment here.
In Racine we have lots of small machine shops looking for work a few dollers invested in this program could bring good jobs to this State in the building of the equitment as well help Wisconsin lead the way in creating Wind Plants.

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