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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cuba can and the US can not part II

Santa Clara - (Prensa Latina) - Scientists from the Central University of Las Villas are making fuel from waste of the sugar industry, in a process that does not affect production of food for human consumption. The study, currently in its lab trial phase, envisages obtaining biodiesel from a waxy waste eliminated in the process of clarification of sugarcane juice, Cuban National News Agency (AIN) reported. Director of Las Villas University Analysis and Processes Center, Gretell Villanueva, said the process differs from the normal worldwide manner of producing biofuels from vegetable oils obtained from grains, including corn and soy, which are earmarked for the human diet.
(Cuba Weekly)

I will be contacting the US Department of Energy to be sure that this county is not working on the same idea.
As Much as I belive Cuba needs to remove Castro, I have to say they are doing some interesting research in energy.

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