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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Green Racine

Wayne here. Most might know me from It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest and my work in getting film production to come to Wisconsin via Film Wisconsin or Racine Broadcasting Co-Op.

Some might know me from postings on the Newspaper blogs around Racine WI. Why you might ask yourself is this right wing "nut case" writing about anything "Green"

Good question, I will explain:

Since when does the left have the stage for bettering the enverment? Some of the best thinkers, movers and shakers in this field have been on the right, great leaders like Teddy Roosevelt, who started the park system we all enjoy.

My thought is that those who are willing to fight for this Earth are those who enjoy her bounty.

Hunters (in this state) pay via Hunting Licences and higher taxes on Ammunition pay every dime needed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to manage the wildlife populations.

The left I see is great about doom and gloom but will not put their cash up, (many of them would like us to be taxed more) but I digress.

All of us need to do much more to save energy and compel the Federal government to do more to bring about the use of alternative energy.
This is so true.
As long as one American serviceman is in harms way as we import millions of barrols of oil we are in the wrong.

In this Blog I will be talking about alternative energy as well as what you and I need to do to reduse the amount we use.
Another topic will be recycling and reuse of products to save this country from the Oil Barons and those who would bankrup us recyling in critical.

Thank You


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