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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wind Education

Great use of funds to help educate for the fiels. One day I love to see this go on in Racine.

New Addition To Iowa Lakes C.C. Wind Studies Center Is Dedicated
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by NAW Staff on Wednesday 16 December 2009
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The new $550,000 addition to the Sustainable Energy Education Center/Wind Energy and Turbine Technology building on the Estherville, Iowa, campus of Iowa Lakes Community College has been officially dedicated.

KCUA-TV reports that the new 6,200 square-foot addition is ready for the spring semester, which begins on Jan. 14. Financing for the facility was paid, in part, with a $350,000 loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"This addition provides state-of-the-art technology for our wind energy students and allows them to learn necessary skills for the wind industry in a controlled environment prior to working on wind turbines," says Valerie Newhouse, college president. "The addition allowed the college to accept two more sections of students into the wind energy program."


Saturday, December 12, 2009

UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen COP 15/CMP 5, 7 to 18 December 2009

UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen COP 15/CMP 5, 7 to 18 December 2009

Or is about the power and the cash not the Climate

Where do I begin? If any thinks this effort has anything to do with climate you should quit drinking.
Be it the UN The Government on the United States or ever the State of Wisconsin its all about the money and power.

1st example The bad cows are creating global warming so lets tax them effect raise milk prices Of course The states will follow more price increases. With State and the Feds running so much into debit who will vote no? Of course Milk consumption will go down because milk might become to costly for the poor to buy. They will then turn to suger favored drinks like Soda that will cause more obesity in the youth (another taxing opportunity tax soda so kids will not drink as much of it)

Then you have manure to worry about now used on many organic farms to fertilize crops crops to avoid the use of man made fertilizer manure could now be outlawed cause/forcing the use of more chemicals as inputs on your food. Of course this would cause food prices to go up too to pay for chemicals.
I love the fact that Al Gore is now worth 200 Million up from the 2 million after leaving the white house, thats a what 1000% growth I think? Must be nice consulting the companies that will grow very very rich if Cap and Trade goes down. Gee you do not think he getting paid to promote something that's not happening do you?? Not Al Gore inventor of the internet? I know that Gore has been invited to debate the FACTS behind Global Warning and he has yet to do so, he has had reporters mics shut off to stop the reporters from asking him questions. I believe Al Gore wants no debate on Global Warming (be easier to get his money??)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Renewable Engery is still a good idea

Climategate will even if the MSM will not cover it puit an end the the global warming BS. WE may have to take years to fix the damage that The US Government under Obama and The State Government under Jim Doyle will do.
However as the focus shifts we should still create as much as we can renewable Energy as we can.
Why? Well bluntly every doller we spend here on energy we produce is one less doller scum lake Hugo Chavez get to spend on hating this country, or Iran gets to buy weapons or give to groups that would attack this country. As well IMHO I think Obama/EPA might have tipped us to the point of The Shit has hit the fan. so the more our homes can be powered by Wind/Solar etc the better off we can be.
I am very happy about the jobs starting to come to Wisconsin as this State puts up more wind turbans.

Friday, December 4, 2009


The leaked emails etc the lawsuit to force NASA to release data under the Freedom of Information Act is going to stop this silly Global Warming BS. Might take some time there are lots of money beuing made on this (Al Gore).
With Billions on the line The Global Warming wackos will not go quietly into the night

At the same time no one wants dirty water or air. We need to do more to support the Buy local food movement.
Lets not toss the baby with the bathwater