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Friday, September 26, 2008

Virtual Fair Report


Green Racine after looking at resources needed to do the very best job that the Virtual fairs would need made the difficult choice to end further planing of the Fairs until Green Racine obtains those resources.
We are in the debit of those who have volunteered to help with the planing and the project teams for the guidance given and work done.
As we network and find more assets to put to the virtual fairs we will then start again.

Thank you

Wayne Clingman
Green Racine

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kettle Foods Gets it

Salem, Ore.-based Kettle Foods says that it has yielded environmental and economic benefits by adopting measures that include offsetting all of the electricity used to operate both its Salem and Beloit factories with wind power. Additionally, the Beloit plant is home to 18 rooftop wind turbines.

"When we decided to go for green - or in this case, gold - with LEED certification of our new factory, we knew it was the right thing to do," says Tim Fallon, president of Kettle Foods' North American division.

The company also recycles of 2,300 gallons of waste oil with conversion to biodiesel used to power a company fleet of diesel-engine cars called BioBeetles, and reduces more than three million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually resulting from the elimination of shipping lines between Oregon and the Midwest.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cindy S is NUTS!

Crazy Cindy hasn't had an actual job, you know, something that you do and get paid for in many, many years.

She tried writing books:

Her first book, published in December of 2005 is at Sales Rank: #841,307. Sales Rank: #841,308 is : The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Pancreatitis".

Her second book was published on April Fool's Day of 2006 is at Sales Rank: #468,712, just beating out "Practical HPLC Method Development, 2nd Edition" published in 1997.

Her put recent effort, published in September 2006, is currently showing Sales Rank: #1,303,398. I haven't been able to find out which book is #1,303,399, but I'll bet it's a pip!

Surprisingly, ALL these books are in-stock!

Sheehan tried making paid speeches:

Read the "Breaking News" item below to see how that's working out lately.

What to do? What to do?

Why not run for Congress? Against political powerhouse Nancy Pelosi?

It meets all Cindy's needs: it brings in the dollars and keeps Crazy Cindy in the spotlight. It's a rather faint spotlight, though. The mainstream media began losing interest in her when the public got tired of hearing the same old rants, over and over and over. She screeched "No blood for oil!" So where's the oil? She demanded the troops be brought home. Instead of listening to her, Congress sent in still more troops and now even the far-left New York Times admits that the troop surge has worked and things in Iraq are improving. Again and again this slogan-chanting paste-eater has been proven wrong. Aside from a handful of anti-American socialist ass-hats, no one finds her lunatic ravings entertaining any more.

When Cindy began attacking the Democrats in office, The MSM dropped her like a hot potato. Now only the extreme fringe media covers her campaign. It's more of a flashlight with tired batteries and a spotlight on a stage. Cindy needs attention, so she has entered a race she knows she can't win. The upside is that it's bringing in the dollars.

According to the Huffington post, Sheehan claims she has raised more than $300,000 in campaign donations source. Where did the money go? Not for radio and TV ads. Not for ad space in magazines and newspapers. She lists her campaign headquarters as her residence address (many candidates do this, in all fairness).

When Sheehan announced her retirement from the anti-war movement, she said:

"I have spent every available cent I got from the money a "grateful" country gave me when they killed my son and every penny that I have received in speaking or book fees since then."

" hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings."

The hospital bills she mentions were for having her uterus removed. She buried it under a bush in Crawford, Texas."

Between Casey's private life insurance policy and the government death benefit, we're looking at a minimum of $300,000. She used part of that money to buy land in Texas that she later sold for a $34,000 profit!

Then there's the money she got from speaking engagements. Her fees ranged as high as $11,000 per appearance source, and her minimum was $600. She spoke at least 30 times between August of 2005 and August of 2006. That's a minimum of $28,400.

The books probably brought in at least another $50,000.

Grand total - $412,400!!!

For a long time she lived rent-free, first at a friend's apartment in Berkeley and then at "Camp Casey" in Crawford. It's clear that she doesn't spend a lot on clothes or make-up. And she didn't spend it on her medical bills, that much we know.

Assuming that she had absolutely ZERO income after August 2006, she blew about $137,000 per year! WHERE'S THE MONEY, CINDY???

So now, here's Cindy, broke, by her own admission, asking for money, to run in an election she cannot possibly win. Maybe she learned something after watching Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton run for the White House? Hmmmmmm...

Wind Heros

The Wind Coalition has announced the recipients of its first annual Wind Champions awards, recognizing policy-makers in Texas who have had an impact on growing the burgeoning wind energy industry in the state.

The coalition issued several awards, including a legacy award for policy-makers that demonstrated vision and were principally responsible for the state policy that allowed for the growth of the wind industry; a champion award for policy-makers who took a leadership role during the renewable energy debate and/or filed key legislation to expand the wind energy marketplace; and an outstanding supporter award to recognize the dozens of policy makers who not only voted favorable on wind energy issues, but who took an advocacy role in encouraging the industry's growth - such as supporting CREZ and issuing public comments in support of wind energy, and economic and environmental policies conducive to the growth of the industry.

Recipients of the award are:

Legacy supporters: Gov. Rick Perry, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, PUC Chairman Barry Smitherman, former PUC Commissioner Paul Hudson, Senator Troy Fraser, Senator Kim Brimer, Representative David Swinford, Representative Phil King, and Representative Mark Strama.

Champion supporters: Sens. Kip Averitt, Kel Seliger, Leticia Van de Putte, Judith Zaffirini, Kirk Watson and Rep. Warren Chisum.

Outstanding supporters: Sens. Robert Duncan, Craig Estes, Rodney Ellis, Kevin Eltife and Carlos Uresti. Representatives Alma Allen, Rafael Anchia, Doc Anderson, Dan Barrett, Leo Berman, Dwayne Bohac, Valinda Bolton, Dan Branch, Lon Burnam, Joaquin Castro, Wayne Christian, Ellen Cohen, Garnet Coleman, Drew Darby, Yvonne Davis, Joe Deshotel, Dawnna Dukes, Jim Dunnam, Harold Dutton, Kirk England, David Farabee, Dan Flynn, Stephen Frost, Pete Gallego, Juan Garcia, Ryan Guillen, Rick Hardcastle, Linda Harper-Brown, Joe Heflin, Ana Hernandez, Scott Hochberg, Donna Howard, Carl Isett, Delwin Jones, Ruth Jones McClendon, Susan King, David Leibowitz, Eddie Lucio, III, Jerry Madden, Trey Martinez-Fischer, Brian McCall, Jose Menendez, Elliott Naishtat, Rene Oliveira, Dora Olivo, Solomon Ortiz, Ken Paxton, Paula Pierson, Jim Pitts, Eddie Rodriguez, Patrick Rose, John Smithee, Joe Straus, Larry Taylor, Sylvester Turner, Corbin Van Arsdale, Allen Vaught, Marc Veasey, Mike Villarreal, Hubert Vo and Bill Zedler.

SOURCE: Wind Coalition

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pennsylvania moves forward!

The Wind Energy Supply Chain Initiative (WESCI), a new wind energy initiative, will create jobs, grow Pennsylvania's manufacturing base and produce environmentally friendly, home-grown energy, says Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Yablonsky.

"Pennsylvania has a growing base of wind energy providers already here," Yablonsky says. "Companies like Gamesa in Cambria and Bucks counties; GE Wind in Erie; and Iberdrola, with operations in Somerset, Schuylkill and Luzerne counties, already have a significant presence in Pennsylvania, and they need hundreds of manufactured components to build, maintain and expand their operations. Wind and alternative energy providers need suppliers, and this initiative will help providers and suppliers find and connect with one another. WESCI will help attract wind energy providers and help more Pennsylvania manufacturers to transition and enter the growing alternative energy market."

As examples of wind industry supply needs, Yablonsky cited electrical equipment, power transmission devices, turbine generators, fabricated parts, gearboxes and bearings.

Key to the WESCI initiative will be the commonwealth's industrial resource center network - seven regional centers that provide comprehensive process improvement and strategic consulting services to Pennsylvania's small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Under the WESCI initiative, the centers will help identify supply chain gaps, gather provider requirements and find qualified suppliers.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development

Friday, September 5, 2008

20,000 MW Baby!

The U.S. wind industry has raced past the 20,000 MW installed capacity milestone, achieving in two years what had previously taken more than two decades, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reports.

Wind now provides 20,152 MW of electricity generating capacity in the U.S. But a delay in extending the production tax credit (PTC) could place 2009 projects on hold and discourage manufacturing investment, according to AWEA. The PTC is currently set to expire at the end of the year.

"Wind energy installations are well ahead of the curve for contributing 20% of the U.S. electric power supply by 2030 as envisioned by the U.S. Department of Energy," says Randall Swisher, executive director of AWEA. "However, the looming expiration of the federal renewable energy PTC less than four months from now threatens this spectacular progress. The PTC has been a critical factor in wind's very rapid growth as a part of the nation's power portfolio."

While Germany has more generating capacity installed - about 23,000 MW- the U.S. is producing more electricity from wind because of its much stronger winds. AWEA expects over 7,500 MW of new wind capacity to be added this year, expanding the U.S.'s wind energy fleet by 45% and bringing total capacity to 24,300 MW.

SOURCE: American Wind Energy Association