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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Renewable Engery is still a good idea

Climategate will even if the MSM will not cover it puit an end the the global warming BS. WE may have to take years to fix the damage that The US Government under Obama and The State Government under Jim Doyle will do.
However as the focus shifts we should still create as much as we can renewable Energy as we can.
Why? Well bluntly every doller we spend here on energy we produce is one less doller scum lake Hugo Chavez get to spend on hating this country, or Iran gets to buy weapons or give to groups that would attack this country. As well IMHO I think Obama/EPA might have tipped us to the point of The Shit has hit the fan. so the more our homes can be powered by Wind/Solar etc the better off we can be.
I am very happy about the jobs starting to come to Wisconsin as this State puts up more wind turbans.

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