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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Farmer's Markets

The inner city of Racine sure could use a Farmer's market if only to help folks have a source of good
food better the the chips and soda found in the slums.
I know Racine has two that I know of and the one at Case HQ is on the edge of the inner city area (Tracks 1-5) this one must receive some traffic from these tracks but how much no one knows.
The one in West Racine just started and gets great traffic from the West Racine area I am unsure
how much if any traffic comes from the inner city. Note This Farmer's Market is credical for the West Racine area to prevent a urban desert from forming for those who live in West Racine, the nearest full service groercy story being about 4-5 miles away and diffacult to get to if you do not own a car. Public Transport being for Shit in the City. (Our green Mayor Becker did IMHO everything he could to gut the Bus system) so I am very happy that the West Racine Farmers market is there.
The question being how can Green Racine help bring a market to the tracks 1-5? and is it too late to get one going for this year?

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