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Monday, November 9, 2009

Racine County Compost Co-Op Green Racine Farmers Markert Is the facebook group location.

THe idea is since The CAA of Racine and Kenosha County have no clue on how to get work done but love to have meeting to have meeting to plan idea that need more meetings.
I thought if this was going to happen it be up to me and other locals not government or NGO's are not going to do it. IMHO the goals that CAA about food networks can not be met with the silliness.

So that means I got to do it. Had one false start that I blame the Town of Mt. Pleasant for, either The town leadership is dumb (Organic crops cause run off) or My guy in Racine got to them to refuse my idea. Thank God that I was able to find a farmer in another area who believes in what I am trying to do. So at this time I have an acre for the composting pile and a few hundred squre yards for a truck garden.
So after the land is tilled we will be planing crops to over winter mostly Garlic. Will also use lots of dung on my truck garden area, best of all the truck garden is very close to good running water.
The crops grown in the Truck Garden will be sold at a Farmers Market that I will form to be located I hope at the school near my home or an area near a group of churches. The Market will run on Sundays.

We can do this

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