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Sunday, November 30, 2008


We need to end the Embargo now. I am not some left wing Obama kinda guy but a right wing free trade America is #1.
And that why I think we need to do this. As we all know Cuba as found a great deal of Oil/Gas off there shores. At this time we can not sell them goods or serves that Cuba needs to explote this, so who is? The PRC and Venezuela both not our friends both seeking to harm us. Yes they are investing millions and able to get resources they need as we just sit here.
Cuba will of course have a great deal of money to spend it would be great if they could spend it here in America.

Castro is well not long for this world and when he goes would be a great opening for this Country to obtain influence not by sending troops or the CIA no. By sending Coke and MTV, get the Cuban to want the same things we have, the est will follow. When the Average Cuban sees that the Ave American has so much more and opertunties are all around the Cuban people will put paid to their Marxist government.
With Cuba out of the Orbit of Venezuela our guy Hugo will be seeing the writing on the wall.

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