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Friday, January 30, 2009

Green-e Marketplace program in 2008.

San Francisco-based Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) says there were a record number of voluntary purchases of Green-e Energy certified renewable energy by businesses in the Green-e Marketplace program in 2008. These purchases were led by Intel Corp., PepsiCo and Mohawk Paper. Intel made the largest purchase of renewable energy, with a 1.3 MWh purchase in January 2008.

The growth in the overall voluntary market for renewable energy has been driven by large commercial purchases of renewable energy certificates (RECs). Green power sales increased over 50% in 2007 over the previous year, with REC sales up 55%, according to the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The third-party nonprofit certification program Green-e Energy certified 69% of the overall voluntary renewable energy market in 2007, and companies that buy a qualifying amount of certified renewable energy are eligible to join Green-e Marketplace and display the logo. These organizations voluntarily support energy generated from renewable sources, which displace other non-renewable sources from the electric grid. Total purchases by Green-e Marketplace participants exceeded 2.8 million MWh in 2008.

SOURCE: Center for Resource Solutions

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