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Thursday, December 18, 2008

End The Embargo on Cuba

The best way to beat the shit of of our guy Hugo in Venezuela and his game playing then by taking away one of his toys.
Right now Cuba is being used by Hugo to cause trouble for us and our allies in that area. Cuba after the end of the USSR is a country that has little or no resorse and even with the oil and gas found there has to import oil gas and other fuels ( Note to the left in USA, Cuba is building the roads refineries and pipelines needed to use the fuels please tell me why are you not protesting?)
This coutry NOT the PRC NOT Venezuela this country needs to be working with Cuba to bring those resorses to be used.
We need the gas/oil and could use the jobs that come with that work.

Cuba can use the food we could be exporting to Cuba and we sure could use the sugar they grow.
Doing so allows more Cubans to feed them selfs and their kin, a good thing. As you may know Cuba becuse of Castro can not feed themself's a true shame. Helping folks feed themself is a great way to make great freinds.

Are there issues with this yes. Perhaps we tie aid to the release of political prisoners a fine goal we should seek but should not be a deal killer since we did not do so with the PRC.
Perhas we need to get a deal where folks who left in the 60's could get paid for the land that Castro took again not a deal killer.
Cuba has a great deal more to offer us as an ally then an embargoed country lets remove that today!

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