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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Green Racine Reflections My Errors

Errors, I have made a few with Green Racine not looking for a pity party or forgiveness just the good that comes from saying I made mistakes and must overcome them.
No one's perfect not happening. The mistakes I have comes with not having a focus and well fear.
So I list them
1) Not putting names to groups who I feel are nothing more then blood sucking lobbyists. They are not playing nice now what more are they going to do?
2) Not updating this blog because few look at it. Know I do this for me and should care less about leading. If folks like the info I put out great if not OK
3) Do the products to support Green Racine the Coffee Cups and shirts.
4) Call out the Green Groups that have no clue and point out errors.
5) Having faith
6) Not doing more with The REC.

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