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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love trains, like I have said before here and on air. Trains are 1000% more effective in moving freight then anything else.
We need to and it looks like maybe Obama may invest the money to bring the rail lines the repairs needed. My ideal is to truck goods from factory to rail head ship then load back on trucks from rail head to stores etc.
As a short distance people mover (50 mi) it is a joke. Few ride and the taxes needed to keep them running could be used better. Yet the left is all about foolish things like KRM here in Wisconsin but will not touch WORKING transit systems like Amtrack.
Amtrack works and works well.
Any time I can I take Amtrack I enjoy the ride and comfort offered.


IMHO the studies that show KRM to work are slanted work and are designed to be so.
I do not think KRM will get 25% of the riders thouse in surport claim and will cost millions more then KRM saids.

Here is a great site with further train info.

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