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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ed Clingman Experimental Organic Farm

Ed Clingman Experimental Organic Farm well looks like this just get going. This Spring at the First Racine Urban Garden Network(RUGAN) meeting May 09. A local business owner came and told the group that he had 5 ac in the county he would be willing to rent for the cost of $1.00 and a sigh thanking the University of Wisconsin Parkside an easy thing one would think. Without getting into the politics of RUGAN no one ever called him to follow up. When it was made clear to me from CAA if I had no space for a composting area I could not get a job with CAA working on there ideas about a food network, I obtained the land owners phone number and called him.
Today I and Mr. Robert Beezat will be seeing this land with the aim to rent it.

The goal of the Farm is to create a site for composting using rows and European Earth Worms. The rest of the land will be used to do small scale organic farming to sell into area Farmers Markets and restaurants Some land to be used to help support area food banks and the rest small 10*10 plots one could rent. Latter I will expand on my idea and how I will overcome obstacles

My fear is that after all my work that at the last minuet I will get pushed aside and others will run the operation.
I put that fear in God's hands and take power over this issue.

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